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Judge tells Ohio Man, “You’re still legally dead.”

October 15, 2013 Posted by Halling Meza

Nineteen years after being declared legally dead, 61-year-old Donald Eugene Miller Jr. wants his life back – or at least his social security number.

As recently reported in, Miller, declared legally dead in 1994, eight years after he disappeared from his Arcadia rental home, appeared in court on Monday, October 7 requesting a reversal on the decision.

This sounds a lot like a treatment for a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

Allan Davis, the same judge that declared him dead, ruled that Miller is still dead in the eyes of the law as there is a three-year legal limit for changing a death ruling.

Hmmm… perhaps someone should ask Judge Davis if there is some sort of legal time limit for common sense. (Or perhaps he’s used to seeing dead people.)

Miller, who told the court he was an alcoholic, stated that he was unsure what to do after losing his job, so he just walked away. (Seems pretty logical.)

“It kind of went further than I ever expected it to,” Miller said. “I just kind of took off, ended up in different places.” In Australia they call that a “walkabout.”

He asked the court to reverse the 1994 ruling so he can reinstate his Social Security number and driver’s license and start his life again, or “whatever’s left of it,” he stated.

His ex-wife, Robin Miller is opposed to overturning the death ruling as she would have to pay the Social Security benefits she received back to the federal government and does not have the means. She reported that Donald Eugene Miller owed her $26,000 in child support at the time of his “death.”

It seems she has a better reason than most ex-wives to wish her ex-husband dead. At least legally so.

Miller can take his case to federal court to challenge the Social Security Administration, but his attorney, Francis Marley, said Miller does not have the money to do so.

Judge Davis referred to Donald Miller’s case as a “strange, strange situation.”

“I don’t know where that leaves you, but you’re still deceased as far as the law is concerned,” Davis said.

We wonder if the Leonardo DiCaprio version will have a happier ending.