Taking Getting out of Jury Duty to the Extreme

November 14, 2013 Posted by Halling Meza


Many people try to get out of jury duty when they are called to serve. As a convicted felon who served his time, Erick Haubenstricker of Bay City Michigan could have easily avoided service simply by checking the YES box in question number 10 on his jury questionnaire. Instead the “information” he included on the document got him sent back to jail.

Apparently bitter about being summonsed as a potential juror, Haubenstricker wrote out a profanity laden rant all over the form, MLive.com reported.  And, as a result, he was sentenced to three days in jail for contempt of court.

Haubenstricker apologized to the court and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of criminal contempt for writing such things as “Die in Hell” and “(Expletive) off dirty judges.” (He likely thought he was quite clever when he listed his phone number as 911-PIGS.)

Click here to see the juror form as a .pdf file. (Link provided by MLive.com)

Haubenstricker’s attorney, Paul F. Beggs, requested leniency. He pointed out that Haubenstricker did apologize and said that “Most people saw this as stupid rather than criminal.”

Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran did not agree and told Haubenstricker that after reading his comments he was concerned that Haubenstricker might have a mental illness. After seeing that he was not ill Judge Sheeran stated that “… the people who work in this court have difficult enough jobs to do, and they don’t deserve to be treated as you treated them.”

We’re fairly confident that Haubenstricker has learned his lesson. We’re willing to bet that if he ever receives another juror questionnaire in the mail he will simply check YES to question number 10. And not list his phone number as 911-PIGS.


Photo credit: Chris Potter via Creative Commons.

Additional source: ABA Journal


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