Our attorneys have represented clients in nearly every area of general corporate law, including taxation, finance, securities law compliance, and selection of appropriate business entity.


Services to these clients have included all types of business entities, including C and S corporations, limited liability companies, non-profit corporations, limited liability partnerships, general and limited partnerships, and trusts. These clients have been engaged in traditional and digital economies and include multinational corporations, individuals, and closely-held businesses and include financial service institutions, investment bankers, manufacturers, high technology companies, construction companies, restaurants, real estate developers and professionals.


The principal areas of our corporate practice are:


General Business Formation and Governance

Providing services in the areas of corporate management, relations with shareholders or limited partners, conduct of directors’ meetings, employment agreements, issuance of shares, proxy contests, tender offers, shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, and partnership agreements. These services involved a broad spectrum of industries ranging from high technology, professional services, food service, real estate finance, finance and insurance. Our attorneys have also represented a large number of individuals and families in planning and implementing their business affairs.

Business Affairs

Our attorneys have represented a large number of private and publicly-held companies in all aspects of their business affairs. These affairs include contracting for delivery of goods and services, employment relations, protecting intellectual property and trade secrets, acquisition of assets and businesses, succession planning, leasing and risk management programs.

Corporate Securities & Finance

Our lawyers are experienced with securities law issues that arise during public offerings, the IPO registration process, tender offers, proxy solicitations, and SEC reporting requirements, including the preparation of 10-K’s, 10-Q’s and other reports required by the SEC. We also have extensive experience representing issuers in connection with private offerings of many types and compliance with California and Federal securities registration exemption requirements. Our corporate finance experience includes all aspects of syndicated loan transactions, asset-based lending, distribution arrangements, factoring, letters of credit, debt restructuring and securitization transactions.


Our corporate expertise extends to representation and advice respecting technology licensing, joint ventures, protection of proprietary rights, copyright, trademark and tradename protection, distribution agreements, product development financing arrangements and similar legal rights and obligations with respect to technology.

Partnership and Joint Venture Transactions

Our attorneys have represented corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and joint ventures in strategic partnering and complex real estate, limited partnership and joint venture business transactions and syndications. These transactions include selection and formation of type of business entity, buying and selling of businesses (including asset and stock purchases), due diligence, and other issues.