Renewable Energy

The attorneys at Halling | Meza LLP have worked on numerous renewable energy transactions over the past 10 years, representing a broad range of alternative energy projects.


We have built a strong reputation by helping to address and resolve complex energy project issues to allow energy providers to site, develop, construct, acquire and finance their renewable energy projects.

The attorneys of Halling | Meza LLP have worked on many types of renewable energy projects including: wind projects, geothermal projects and biodiesel projects.  We have successfully represented both large and small renewable energy developments throughout the United States, many of which are now operational.

Although our attorneys have the background and experience to take a renewable energy project from start to finish, our firm also works collaboratively on teams with other firms to achieve our clients’ objectives.  Our hands-on experience has allowed us to develop strong relationships with many of the top attorneys and bankers in the field.